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Reiki healing and wedding officiant serving Boulder Creek and the surrounding areas.


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I recognize that not everyone fits into the cis / heteronormative box. As an LGBTQIA individual myself, I specialize in Reiki for LGBTQIA individuals and don't just focus on masculine or feminine energy. Rather, I recognize that gender identity encompasses a spectrum and focus my energy work accordingly. 


I have set my prices below the average Reiki session in an attempt to open Reiki up to everyone. Sliding scale pricing may be available on a case by case bases.

Travel fees may apply for mobile sessions outside of the San Lorenzo Valley

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Now Providing Wedding Officiant Services

Are you ready to embark on the beautiful journey of love and commitment? I believe that every love story deserves to be celebrated, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or identity. I am proud to offer my LGBTQIA+ friendly wedding officiant services, ensuring that your special day is a reflection of your unique love and inclusivity.